Inspection and Testing

We provide inspection and testing services designed to meet Australian Standards and manufacturer specified requirements. We provide guidance to our clients to ensure they meet their compliance requirements.

All of your site height safety systems and hazards will be detailed within our reports. Clear recommendations are provided to assist our clients maintain their height safety assets.

Our documentation is the best within the industry and exceeds the requirements of the Australian Standards. We provide detailed site layouts and asset referencing numbers to assist our clients in tracking and managing their height safety equipment. We will assist you to meet your inspection schedules by sending reminders to allow you to continue to meet your building compliance requirements.

Project Management

Independent Compliance Safety Solutions provide complete project management for clients who are struggling to manage their height safety needs. Our project managers can provide a buffer between the client and installation company and conduct technical assessment of works throughout the delivery schedule. Assessment and sign off by an independent auditor prior to payment ensures that works meet compliance standards, specified scope, and prevents costly variations or payment for non-compliant works.

Our project management service covers:

  • Heights safety system design
  • Scope preparation for tender
  • Assisting with or selection of provider
  • Technical assessment during installation
  • Compliance of installed system
  • Management of defects
  • Handover to client of installation documentation and user manual on completion of the works

Height Safety Compliance Auditing

Our auditing services are designed to provide functional advice in relation to your height safety concerns. Whether it’s a new site that requires safe access or an existing site where new equipment has been installed, we assist our clients in prioritising their system requirements to help meet budgeting constraints while managing their risk exposure.

We provide tender development services whereby we assist our clients by documenting their height safety requirements prior to going to market. The development of a detailed scope for tender purposes, ensures the client has a height safety system installed that meets legislative requirements and avoids costly variations.

Height Safety System Design

We provide design services to fulfil site safety compliance. Our designs are based on the requirements of the Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and manufactures specifications. We can develop design briefs to assist our clients managing their ongoing height safety needs and can keep them updated with changes within the height safety industry.

Whatever your needs, we are able to design a height safety system that gets you and your contractors to your assets safely.

Height Safety Procedure Development

Many facilities have existing height safety systems; however, they do not have adequate documented user instructions to allow for safe management or operation of the systems. Independent Compliance Safety Solutions can provide site assessments of existing height safety or rope access systems to ensure they meet the required codes and Australian Standard. From this we can develop safe user instructions for your height safety and rope access based systems.

We also assist with the preparation of safe work method statements. These are designed for clients that have staff performing works utilising the facilities height safety systems.